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What is The A-Team?

The A-Team was established in October of 2011 by Opportunities Inc and Wisconsin families in a collaborative effort to promote self-advocates and family member voices. The A-Team partners with community rehabilitation programs, residential providers, and state and national associations to receive information on the issues that impact the full array of choices for individuals with diverse abilities. They also frequently provide technological support, administrative organization and training materials. These organizations provide guidance and logistical services that allow champions to focus on the mission. The A–Team directs its own actions through consensus. These organizations provide guidance and logistical services that allow champions to focus on the mission. 

Our Mission

Join families in advancing advocacy, moving forward to ensure service options, and a full array of choices continue for individuals with diverse abilities!

Advocacy - Awareness - Advisement

The A-Team Playbook

  • Assess, initiate and strategize options for legislative actions that will ensure a full array of service choices for individuals with diverse abilities
  • Increase participation of families and self-advocates in A-Team USA National Day for Choice and annual state Day for Choice through social media and other planned events.
  • Increase knowledge, awareness and mission of A-Team members both statewide and on a national level utilizing the Home Base as the conduit for communication, connections and expansion.
  • Expand awareness and engagement on all A-Team social media platforms and websites to solidify a strong state and national foot print for families and self-advocates.

How Can I Help?

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