Providing Vocational Rehabilitation Services to Individuals with Various Barriers to Employment
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Vocational Evaluation/Situational Assessment

Vocational interests, aptitudes and abilities are assessed while performing a variety of tasks in different work settings. Information obtained is utilized for developing vocational goals.

Work Adjustment Training

Work Adjustment Training (WAT) is designed to provide time limited therapeutic work experience for individuals who have limited or no work experience. The purpose of WAT is to assist individuals to adjust to the demands of work and to develop healthy work habits for future employment in the community.

Vocational Skill Development

Vocational Skill Development is designed to assist individuals with disabilities to develop vocational skills, and understand the meaning, value and demands of work. Services provided include, but are not limited to: subcontract work, close supervision, vocational counseling, individual program planning and case management. Vocational goals are based on individual strengths, needs and preferences.

School to Work Transition

School to Work Transition services provide students with the opportunity to develop work skills and explore vocational interests in preparation for transitioning from high school to work. There are three avenues of services designed to meet the various needs of individual students.

—Employment Skills Development
Students are provided with the opportunity to perform subcontract work under close supervision.

—Youth at Risk
This program provides work experience for students with social and/or legal barriers. Students receive vocational counseling and close supervision.

—Work Experience
This program provides students with the opportunity to develop work skills and explore vocational interests.

Work Hardening

The purpose of Work Hardening is to provide work experience to individuals who have little to no employment history or who have not been employed in recent years. Individuals are provided with the opportunity to develop or modify their understanding of the meaning and demands of work.

Return to Work

The Return to Work program provides short term therapeutic employment for individuals placed on light duty, due to a work-related injury. The program is designed for employers who may not have light duty jobs available. Individuals remain on their employer's payroll, while being provided with light duty packaging and assembly work by Indianhead.

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